2023 Annual Expo held in Japan's cultural capital, Kyoto

by December 12, 2022

The 2022 FETJ-Global Annual Expo was held on December 10 in Kyoto, the country's cultural capital and a major tourist destination. The overarching idea of this year’s Expo is TV game shows. Participating chapters brought to the event hall the fun, wit, and competitiveness we usually witness in TV game shows such as Family Feud, Wheel of Fortune, Game ka na ba?, Jeopardy, etc. Chapters were encouraged to design a game (original or based on a TV game show) with educational value. Members could find inspiration in these games to make their lessons more fun and interactive.

The tagline for the event was “We are all in it to win it!” “It” refers to our chosen field/profession. We are all aware of the many challenges Filipino English teachers in Japan face. Each of us has been faced with some sort of struggle at some point. Perhaps, even at present, many of us are still making sense of this path that we chose. But no matter what they are, FETJ-Global will do its utmost best to provide support not only in terms of professional development but also in achieving a good work-life balance and empowering everyone to meet the challenges head on. “We’re all in it to win it!” reinforces our desire to move mountains in achieving our goals.

During the event, awards were given to those who have successfully started their teaching career after attending FETJG seminars/workshops (Founder’s Pride Award), to outstanding members, to outstanding chapter presidents, and to outstanding chapters. About 150 members and guests from various communities attended the event. [full-width]


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