FETJG making waves in Summer 2023

The summer months of July and August have been abuzz with activity for the Filipino English Teachers in Japan - Global. With a flurry of events spanning across different chapters, the organization has been making a significant impact in the field of language education and cultural exchange. Let's take a closer look at the remarkable events that have unfolded.

1. Osaka Chapter: Teaching Guidelines Seminar (July 16-17)
The Osaka Chapter kicked off the summer wave with a Teaching Guidelines Seminar on July 16-17. This seminar was a platform for educators to come together and discover the essentials of teaching English tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of Japanese students. The event was a venue to gain insights and practical strategies to: create engaging and interactive lessons, adapt teaching methods for diverse learning styles, and foster student engagement. Attendees had the opportunity to network and learn from one another, strengthening the teaching community in the region.
2. Hamamatsu Chapter: Connecting Cultures through Language and Storytelling
The Hamamatsu Chapter of the Filipino English Teachers in Japan - Global organization took center stage with a series of captivating events aimed at promoting cultural diversity and language exchange.
a. Oyako Book Making / Storytelling at Fukuroi International Friendship Association (FIFA) (Aug 5)
On August 5, a special event brought families and language enthusiasts together for an Oyako (parent-child) book making and storytelling session hosted by the Hamamatsu Chapter. The event was held in collaboration with the Fukuroi International Friendship Association (FIFA). It was a delightful occasion where participants experienced the joy of creating books and sharing stories in a multicultural setting, fostering connections that transcended linguistic and cultural barriers.
b. Manabiya’s Language Cafe / Booth (Aug 20)
As part of the Manabiya-sponsored Global Awareness program, the Hamamatsu Chapter geared up for another exciting event today, August 20. The Language Cafe / Booth event aimed to immerse participants in a rich tapestry of languages from around the world. With seven booths representing Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Brazil, Germany, and the Philippines (both Filipino and Waray languages), participants had the opportunity to explore, engage, and learn from presenters who are passionate about sharing their languages and cultures. This event is a testament to the organization's commitment to promoting global awareness and cultural appreciation.
c. Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) (Aug 26-27)
The Hamamatsu Chapter hosted the Advanced Teacher Training (ATT) on August 26-27. This intensive training program aimed to equip educators with advanced teaching techniques, innovative pedagogies, and strategies to enhance their classroom effectiveness. With a focus on continuous professional development, the ATT event reflects the organization's dedication to empowering teachers and elevating the quality of English education.
3. Nagano Chapter: Teaching Techniques (Aug 26)
The Nagano Chapter contributed to the summer of learning with a Teaching Techniques event on August 26. This event delved into innovative teaching methodologies, equipping educators with a diverse toolkit of techniques to engage, motivate, and facilitate effective learning experiences for their students.
4. Nagoya Chapter: Grammar Overview (Aug 27)
The Nagoya Chapter joined the summer wave with a Grammar Overview workshop on August 27. This event provided educators with a comprehensive overview of English grammar concepts to enhance their understanding of essential grammar concepts, improve writing and empower students with confidence in English. The Nagoya Chapter's commitment to enhancing pedagogical skills ensures that educators are well-equipped to inspire their students' language learning journey.
In the midst of a bustling summer schedule, the Filipino English Teachers in Japan - Global continued to create ripples of positive change in language education and cross-cultural understanding. With events that inspire, educate, and connect, the organization reaffirms its commitment to excellence in teaching and fostering a global community of learners and educators. As we move on towards the last quarter of the year, FETJ-Global remains poised to make even greater waves of impact in the field of language education.


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