Trainings and workshops (Online or face-to-face)

  • Grammar Overview
  • Home-based teaching/Eikaiwa
  • Business English Teaching
  • Resume Building & Mock Interview
  • How to Teach Phonology
  • Oyako Eigo
  • How to teach EIKEN, TOEIC, TOEFL

Mentoring activities

Our mentoring program offers guidance, support, and encouragement to English teachers at various stages of their careers, helping them navigate challenges, improve their teaching skills, and achieve professional growth.         

Annual FETJG Expo

The Expo is FETJ-Global's annual event to celebrate the achievements of the organization and the spirit of Christmas. It is an opportunity to bond with other chapter members and strengthen the camaraderie within the organization. It is also a means of increasing our visibility in the community.

Assistance in job placement

We provide valuable resources and information on potential job opportunities, as well as tips on enhancing resumes and preparing for teaching demos. We strive to empower our members to succeed in their teaching journey in Japan.  [full-width]

 Other than these regular offerings, we provide a dynamic array of other seminars, workshops, and activities tailored to the needs and interest of our members as well as the existing trends within the industry. We have had online and face-to-face events covering diverse topics such as team teaching, materials development, reflective practice, lesson plan and materials adaptation, integrating songs and chants into the classroom, and effective material selection. We are committed to continuously adapting our offerings to ensure our members have access to the latest insights and best practices in English language teaching, particularly in the context of Japan.

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