Unlock multiple paths to your teaching future with TESOL Pathways

by May 20, 2024

Unlock a multitude of exciting teaching pathways worldwide with TESOL Pathways. Whether it is teaching at a public/private school, online, in your community, in or out of Japan, the TESOL Pathways 120-hour certification course prepares you for success. 

Our course is designed by expert instructors who bring a wealth of experience, skills, and knowledge to ensure that we develop globally competitive teachers. The program is an amalgamation of our instructors' collective experiences tailored to the Japanese educational landscape. 

While our primary focus is on Japan, the course fully prepares teachers to be globally competitive educators. This means you will be absolutely ready to take on teaching roles anywhere in the world. You will benefit from topnotch instruction, making your learning journey both comprehensive and relevant. Whether you aim to teach in public or private schools, English conversation schools, or even pursue advanced studies, in Japan or other countries, our certification provides a solid foundation. 

At the end of the course, our instructors will make sure that you will gain practical skills to effectively engage and inspire your students, no matter what their proficiency levels are. You will get the skills and confidence you need to excel in the classroom and beyond borders. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose your way wisely. Choose a foundation that will give you ticket to a world of opportunities. Register now. Classes start in October, 2024 in the scenic city of Hamamatsu. 

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