Chart your course to teaching excellence with TESOL PATHWAYS!

FETJ-Global is excited to announce the launching of the highly anticipated 120-hour certification course, the TESOL PATHWAYS. This is our way of helping everyone make the first step to a fulfilling career in teaching English. 

The first session is set in October, 2024 and will run for two and a half months, in the scenic city of Hamamatsu. With lessons primarily scheduled on Sundays starting from 9AM, TESOL Pathways accommodates the busy schedules of working professionals and anyone who is willing to get into English teaching.  Additionally, this course has been designed to be implemented with a blend of online and face-to-face sessions, providing participants with practical insights, skills, and knowledge to excel in the field. 

Online lessons will be held via Zoom while specifics of the venue for in-person sessions will be sent to participants at least a week before the dates of the lectures or workshops. 

Participants can expect a wide range of topics essential for effective English language teaching which will be taught by competent, seasoned, and TESOL-certified lecturers. The course offers a unique hands-on learning opportunities and collaboration. As part of their practicum, participants will be required to teach in an actual classroom and online learning setting. 

Registration is now open. There is a limit to the number of participants that will be accepted to ensure quality of teaching and learning. The course fee is ¥75,000. Participants are required to make a minimum payment of 50% of the course fees, with full payment due before the practicum.

Join us on this exciting and rewarding journey towards becoming a certified TESOL educator and  unlock doors to global opportunities. So what are you waiting for? REGISTER now!


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